AMICCThe American Non-Governmental Organizations Coalition for the International Criminal Court (AMICC) joined ISHR as a program in November, 2010. Led by Convener John Washburn, AMICC provides new dimensions to the Institute’s work on international justice, the enforcement of human rights and in collaboration with and support of academics, organizations, activists and practitioners.

Since 2001, AMICC has promoted understanding of and support to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the United States through its 35 organizational members and 12 local presences around the country. The Coalition provides action guides, analyses, reports and information through its website and social media – Twitter, Facebook and blog. A main objective is a relationship of the United States with the ICC which will be strong and extensive enough to support US ratification of the Court’s Rome Statute at the appropriate time.

The ICC is the world’s first permanent international criminal court empowered by treaty to try individuals for the most serious atrocities of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. Negotiations at the United Nations created its Rome Statute which by January 2012 had 120 states parties. Since the atrocities the Court tries all are profoundly serious violations of human rights, it is a new, compelling and dramatic way to enforce those rights. As a program of the Institute, AMICC tracks both the development of the Court in its enforcement of human rights and also the impact of the Court’s work on human rights standards and concepts.

AMICC is a national network of the international NGO Coalition for the ICC (CICC). The CICC has more than 2,500 NGO members worldwide and offices in New York and The Hague. Through the latter it has close relations with the Court. AMICC is committed to use its affiliation with the ICC as well as its own contacts there to give the Institute access to Court officials, proceedings and meetings. In particular, AMICC creates and supports a delegation to each annual meeting of the Court’s governing body. Institute and Columbia students and scholars will have opportunities to participate in these delegations.

In its support to other programs and scholars at the Institute, as well as the Columbia community as a whole, AMICC especially focuses on issues such as the ICC’s treatment of gender crimes and crimes of sexual violence, including the Court’s treatment of the crime of rape; the ways in which the Court and other international tribunals reconstruct and use historical narrative and other documentation of atrocities; the effective functioning of the ICC, particularly with regard to elections and changes in leadership; and contributions to the Institute’s research on the ICC’s position and practice on peace and justice (and the interplay between the two).

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