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Globalizing the Local: Activism to Promote Human Rights in the United States

In the United States today, human rights activists are working to eliminate abuses taking place within our borders, such as racial discrimination in the criminal justice system, unequal access to quality education or health care, and the exploitation of low-income or migrant workers. Simultaneously, activists around the world are engaging in comparable struggles to eliminate […]

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Talks About Talks – Facilitating Difficult Discussions

This spring marks the tenth anniversary of democracy in South Africa. Long before 1994, however, South Africans from many sides of the conflict were coming together to talk to each other about the new political realities of post-apartheid South Africa, and to talk about forging new relationships. These “talks about talks,” a term used to […]

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Because We’re All Global Citizens Now

The films in the Human Rights Video Collection cover a range of human rights abuses visited upon populations around the globe today. By attending public screenings of these documentaries and participating in post-screening discussions, we are better able to make connections between our lives and the lives of people who suffer human rights abuses in […]

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